May. 28, 2015
Dealing with Uncertainty: DARPA's New Paradigm for the 21st Century
Guest Speaker: Frank Fernandez, Naval Research Advisory Committee
Location: UC San Diego
Jun. 2, 2015
A Conversation with Claude Steele
Guest Speaker: Claude Steele, UC Berkeley
Location: Irvine, CA
* Live Webcast
Jun. 5, 2015
CSE 125 Videogame Final Project Presentations
Guest Speaker: Geoffrey Voelker, UC San Diego (Moderator)
Location: UC San Diego
CWC Director Sujit Dey
May 27, 2015
5G Wireless Forum: The Promise and the Peril of Future Wireless Systems
If all goes according to plan, the next decade of advances in mobile technology promises to transform a vast array of sectors, from government to transportation to public health. Yet for each exciting enhancement promised by 5G technology, there is an equally daunting challenge.
VirBELA VR learning environment

May 25, 2015
Innovation Space-Based Startup Competes in World Cup Tech Challenge
Virtual crowds generated by artist Emily Grenader

May 20, 2015
Qualcomm Institute Launches Third Season of Tech-Enabled Performances

May 19, 2015
UCI team develops infection detection system

May 15, 2015
Energy industry experts exchange ideas
Joaquin Ramirez, CEO of Technosylva and tenant in new Qualcomm Institute Innovation Space

May 14, 2015
Industry, UC San Diego Find New Opportunities in Qualcomm Institute Innovation Space