Oct. 25, 2017
Project Jupyter: Design Considerations for Interactive Computing
Guest Speaker: Brian Granger, Cal State San Luis Obispo
Location: UC San Diego
Oct. 26, 2017
Design Forward Summit
Guest Speaker: Don Norman, Director, Design Lab at UC San Diego; et al.
Location: San Diego
Reservoir is part of a water conservation system at Dholavira dating to the 3rd millennium BC in mod
October 18, 2017
UC San Diego Cyber-Archaeologist Participates in ‘Dialogue of Civilizations'
UC San Diego archaeologist Thomas E. Levy is back in San Diego after participating in a National Geographic Society 'Dialogue of Civilizations' in India focused on the subcontinent's 3rd millennium BC Harappan Civilization.
Larry Smarr with Diego-San, one of the robots in the Robot Zoo at Calit2

October 17, 2017
Why Larry Smarr Is Pioneering Collaborative Innovation
Topological laser cavity enables bending light around sharp turns and corners.

October 14, 2017
Laser Cavities Take on New Shapes and Functionalities
This image shows another run of simulations from this week’s wildfires in Sonoma and Napa, CA using

October 13, 2017
Northern CA Wildfires Generate 1.5 Million Views of UC San Diego’s ‘Firemap’ Resource
Naila Chowdhury

October 12, 2017
UC San Diego, Project Concern International Partner to Curb Human Trafficking
Adaptive Bioinformatics MOOC on edX

October 11, 2017
UC San Diego, edX Launch First Adaptive Online Course to Teach Bioinformatics