July 6, 2020
Technology at UC San Diego Helps Scientists Unlock Mysteries of the Earliest Americans

With help from technology developed by UC San Diego researchers at the Qualcomm Institute, a team of underwater cave explorers in Mexico have made unprecedented archaeological discoveries in some of Earth's most inaccessible places. [more]


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"New University"
Peer-to-Peer Technology Applied To Traffic Forecasting

The International Journal of Vehicle Information and Communication systems recently published the research of four UC Irvine graduate students about a project capable of clearing Los Angeles traffic. Tentatively dubbed ?Autonet,? a portmanteau of ?automatic/automobile? and ?Internet,? the program is the brainchild of Trevor Harmon, James Marca, Pete Martini and Raymond Klefstad.


"SSC Pacific News Bulletin"
Center Personnel Tour Calit2

Personnel from SSC Pacific (fka SPAWAR) toured Calit2 UCSD's state-of-the-art research facilities last Fall. The 17 visitors enjoyed tours and demonstrations of many of Calit2's technologies. The virtual reality environment, StarCAVE, was a big hit with the aviators. SSC Pacific and Calit2 UCSD are engaged in a strategic partnership.

"The Times of London"
Is Albert Einstein robot too human? Everything?s relative

Albert Einstein has been re-created as a robot, right down to the unruly hair and luxuriant moustache, but the electronic version is no genius by human standards.

While it would be no use at proving the physicist?s unified field theory, the robot Einstein is extraordinary in that it can recognise and respond to human emotions.

"The Daily Mail"
Introducing the scarily realistic Einstein robot who can tell how you feel

With a big bushy moustache and a shock of white hair, scientists have modeled an ultra realistic robot on Albert Einstein.

Although it is unable to ponder complex theories such as general relativity, the robot has helped scientists develop their understanding of emotional intelligence.

"San Diego Union-Tribune"
H.M. recollected: Famous amnesic launches a bold, new brain project at UCSD

Feature on the UCSD Brain Observatory's attempt to create a new and unrivaled collection of human brains for scientific study, including the brain of a famed amnesiac.

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