Hiperwall, Inc. Donates Upgraded Software

Gian Mario Maggio
Hiperwall is based on research and technology developed at Calit2.

Hiperwall, Inc., the spinoff company that sprang from a Calit2 research project, has donated software worth more than $75,000 to the UC Irvine division of the institute. Hiperwall, Inc.’s newest version 2.0 software will help Calit2 better showcase its innovative technologies to frequent national and international visitors.

Hiperwall is a high-performance, low-cost video wall software solution that can display a wide variety of content with speed, flexibility and functionality in extremely high resolution. Combining the Hiperwall system with Calit2’s existing hardware gives UCI one of the largest video wall systems in the country to demonstrate, test and research innovative visualization technologies.

 With the latest system enhancements, Calit2’s Visualization Lab has the ability to display more than 235 million pixels of live data across 84 LCD monitors.

“The Hiperwall team is pleased to be able to contribute to the ongoing success of Calit2. We’re proud, that while we’re still in an early growth phase, we are able to make this donation to the university,” said Jeff Greenberg, CEO of Hiperwall, Inc.
The video wall system provides a tool for researchers in many fields to view extremely large data sets and continues to be a platform for ongoing research. “The Hiperwall system allows us to see large amounts of information in one view,” said Professor James Fallon of UC Irvine’s Brain Imaging Center. “This capability to simultaneously seeing the big picture and the fine details gives us the ability to reach conclusions more rapidly and with greater accuracy. We used the Hiperwall system to develop a definitive diagnosis that would have been extremely difficult or impossible with conventional visualization technology. The system has also been invaluable for our work in gene discovery and intellectual property for schizophrenia and Alzheimer’s disease.”
The commercialization of the Hiperwall system demonstrates the value of Calit2’s efforts to develop innovative technology by bringing together UCI faculty, staff, students and alumni to focus on a venture that contributes to the local and national economy.  Hiperwall also highlights the Calit2 ecosystem, in which UCI students, who worked on the display wall as a research project, were subsequently hired by the company. By utilizing the talents of a wide range of professionals, partnerships like the Calit2/Hiperwall collaboration facilitate the creation of innovative businesses that generate jobs and produce revenue streams.