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Calit2 On-Demand Streaming in Windows Media

Calit2 webcasts require Microsoft's Windows Media Player or compatible software and a broadband Internet connection.  Our typical webcast stream runs at 512kbps at 640x480 pixels.

All Windows PC users should have a built-in version of the player, or click here to download the latest version.  (Our webcasts require Version 9 or higher)
[Troubleshooting Windows Media Streaming]

Mac users can download a free software program called Flip4Mac that will allow their Quicktime player to play back Windows Media formats.

Troubleshooting playback on a Mac?

In Linux-based environments, free open-source multimedia players such as MPlayer and Xine can be used with the correct codecs installed.

Calit2 On-Demand Streaming in Real Media

Older archived video material (2001 - Summer 2007) on the Calit2 website uses the Real Media video format. Archived webcasts require a broadband Internet connection and Real Player for viewing.

Windows/Mac/Linux users click "here" to download the latest version.