RECOMB Workshop on Computational Proteomics Talks Archived for On-Demand Viewing

By Doug Ramsey, 858-822-5825,

San Diego, CA, December 12, 2006 -- The first RECOMB Satellite Workshop on Computational Proteomics took place Dec. 2-3 at Calit2 in San Diego. Chaired by UCSD Computer Science and Engineering professor Vineet Bafna, the conference was the third to be held under the auspices of Calit2's new Center for Algorithmic and Systems Biology (CASB) in conjunction with the Dec. 1-2 RECOMB Satellite Workshop on Systems Biology.

The Computational Proteomics talks and panel discussion are now archived and available for on-demand viewing. To watch individual presentations, click on the image or video link below [Real player and broadband connection required]. All talks are from Sunday, December 3, except where noted otherwise.

Vineet Bafna
Introductory Remarks
Vineet Bafna, Conference Chair
Jacobs School of Engineering, UCSD
Length: 4:44 [video]
Marshall Bern
Identification of Glycans and Glycopeptides Using a Mix of MS, MS/MS, and MS^n
Marshall Bern, Palo Alto Research Center
Length: 44:25 [video][abstract ]
Nathan Edwards Novel Peptide Identification Using Expressed Sequence Tags and Sequence Database Compression
Nathan Edwards, University of Maryland
Length: 24:20  [video][abstract]
Daniel Fasulo Alignment of Mass Spectrometry Data by Clique Finding and Optimization
Daniel Fasulo, Siemens Corporate Research
Length: 2:49  [video1][abstract]
Length: 18:24  [video2]
Forest White, MIT Quantitative Analysis of Cellular Signaling Network Activity Relationships
Forest White, MIT
Length: 43:16  [video][abstract]
Joe Song A Linear Discrete Dynamic System Model for Temporal Gene Interaction and Regulatory Network Influence in Response to Bioethanol Conversion Inhibitor HMF for Ethanologenic Yeast
Joe Song, New Mexico State University
Part One: Length: 12:53  [video]
Part Two: Length:  8:17  [video][abstract]
Jacob Feala, UCSD Flexibility in Energy Metabolism Supports Hypoxia Tolerance in Drosophila Flight Muscle: Metabolomic and Computational Systems Analysis
Jacob Feala, UCSD Bioengineering
Length: 17:35   [video][abstract]
Yin Wu, Indiana University at Bloomington A Computational Approach to Identifying Site-specific N-glycosylation Using Ion-Trap Mass Spectrometry
Yin Wu, Indiana University, Bloomington
Length: 21:02   [video][abstract]
Sven Rahmann Markov Additive Chains and Applications to Fragment Statistics for Peptide Mass Fingerprinting
Sven Rahmann, Bielefeld University (Germany)
Length: 25:39  [video][abstract]
Richard Smith, Pacific Northwest National Lab Achieving More Sensitive, Quantitative and Higher-Throughput Proteomics Measurements
Richard Smith, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Length:  43:09  [video]
Panel Panel Discussion: Current and Emerging Computational Challenges in Proteomics
Parag Mallick, UCLA (Chair)
Length: 1:05:17 [video]
Oranit Dror, TAU
Structural Similarity Is a Prominent Feature of Genetic Interactions
Oranit Dror, Tel Aviv University
Saturday, December 2, 2006
Length: 19:47 [video][abstract]

Streaming video of presentations at the Dec. 1-2 RECOMB Satellite Workshop on Systems Biology will be available shortly at this site. All talks from the Nov. 30 Algorithmic Biology conference are already online; to watch, click here .

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