Oct. 22, 2014
New Advances on the Log-Rank Conjecture
Guest Speaker: Shachar Lovett, UCSD Computer Science and Engineering
Location: UC San Diego
Oct. 24, 2014
Functionality-Enhanced Devices: An Alternative to Moore's Law
Guest Speaker: Pierre-Emmanuel Gaillardon, EPFL (Switzerland)
Location: UC San Diego
Oct. 28, 2014
Resource Virtualization for Software-Defined Networks
Guest Speaker: Masoud Moshref, USC
Location: UC San Diego
Nov. 6, 2014
IDEAS Performance: Tacoma Narrows Monochord
Guest Speaker: Aiyun Huang, McGill University
Location: UC San Diego
Nov. 12, 2014
Trillion Sensors Summit
Guest Speaker: Kris Pister, UC Berkeley (pictured) and
Location: San Diego, CA
October 17, 2014
Robotics Legends Converge at UC San Diego Forum
Influential robotics researchers and industry leaders convened at the Qualcomm Institute last Friday to reflect on opportunities and challenges brought on by the forthcoming robotics revolution.
Scott Klemmer

October 15, 2014
Coursera and UC San Diego Partner to Offer New ‘Interaction Design’ Specialization
Lucila Ohno-Machado

October 10, 2014
Big Data Sharing for Better Health
MD2K logo

October 9, 2014
NIH Awards New National Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge
Rommie Amaro

October 8, 2014
Pharmaceutical Companies to Share Data for Drug Design via New UC San Diego-Led Resource
Deborah Forster in the Vroom during GLIF telemed demo

October 2, 2014
GLIF Telemedicine Demo: Up Close and Personal, From Thousands of Miles Away