Meet the 2007 UCSD Summer Undergraduate Scholars

By Maureen C. Curran

San Diego, CA, July 26, 2007 -- In it's seventh year, the UCSD division of Calit2's Summer Undergraduate Research Scholarship program has its largest class ever: 28 students are working with 23 academic advisors from all across the UCSD campus. They are performing real research for ten weeks this summer.

The students represent 15 different majors. While a wide spectrum of engineering and computer science fields is represented, half (14) of the awardees are majoring in other fields, from biochemistry and microbiology to music, visual arts, psychology and political science.

The 2007 scholars are presented here with the title of their project, their year and major, and the name of their advisor. A poster session showcasing their work will be held in September during Welcome Week of the fall quarter; the date will be announced later in the summer.

richard choi  Reversal Processes in Patterned Media.
 Richard Choi
 Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), 3rd yr
 advisor: Vitaliy Lomakin, ECE

james coles  Accurately Controlled Counter-Phased RF Modulation Scheme for Fiber Optic Parametric Amplifiers.
 James Coles
 ECE, 4th yr
 advisor: Stojan Radic, ECE
Rich Eakin
  Swara: The creation of a multi-platform, software audio engine
 Rich Eakin
 Music, 4th yr
 advisor: Tom Erbe, Music
John Elberson  Exploring Emergent Systems Design.
 John Elberson
 Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts, 4th yr
 advisor: Steve Boyer, Visual Arts

Jose Garcia Moreno Torres  Visual Expertise Common Features. Or, What Do Faces, Cups, Cans and Greeble Experts Have in Common?
 Jose Garcia Moreno Torres
 3rd yr CS exchange student from U. of Granada, Spain
 advisor: Garrison Cottrell, Computer Science & Engineering (CSE)

Justin Gutierrez  The Sound Source: An Online Social Network for Direct Musical Collaboration and Experimentation
 Justin Gutierrez
 Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts, 3rd yr
 advisor: Miller Puckette, Music

Chien-Tze Jasmine Huang  Induction of Anti-Tumor Immune Responses Using Silica Nanoparticles
 Chien-Tze Jasmine Huang
 Biochemistry, 4th yr
 advisor: Davorka Messmer, UCSD Moores Cancer Ctr.

Christopher Huynh
 The Growth And Electroluminescent Properties Of Solution Grown N-Zno Nanowire Arrays On p-Si
 Christopher Huynh
 Engineering Physics, 4th yr
 advisor: Deli Wang, ECE
Jimmy Kan  Positioning of Nanowires by Combining Photolithographic Techniques with the Langmuir-Blodgett Assembly Technique
 Jimmy Kan
 Physics, 1st yr
 advisor: Deli Wang, ECE

Seung Hyun Chris Kim  Micro-Scale Contact Mechanics of Cartilage: Effect of Surface Lubrication on Shear Strain
 Seung Hyun Chris Kim
 Bioengineering, 1st yr
 advisor: Robert Sah, Bioengineering

William Kinsella  Emulating Multicast with Unicast for Classroom Applications
 William Kinsella
 CSE, 4th yr
 advisor: Bill Griswold, CSE
Jerome Ko  3-D Video Display Using Camera Array Image Synthesis
 Jerome Ko
 CSE, 4th yr
 advisor: Mattias Zwicker, CSE

Jonathan Kommemi  The Use of Geometric Integrators in Modeling Black Hole Singularities
 Jonathan Kommemi
 Mathematics, 4th yr
 advisor: Michael Holst, Mathematics

James Lintern  Lecture Search and Tagging
 James Lintern
 CSE, 3rd yr
 advisor: Beth Simon, CSE
Trevor Muzzy  Interface Design Considerations for Audio Applications
 Trevor Muzzy
 Interdisciplinary Computing and the Arts, 4th yr
 advisor: Peter Otto, Music

Jason Najarro  Transborder Migration Tools Project
 Jason Najarro
 Cognitive Science, 4th yr
 advisor: Ricardo Dominguez, Visual Arts

Man Nguyen  Residual Stresses in Cartilage eModeling: Glycosaminoglycan and Collagen Network
 Man Nguyen
 Bioengineering, 3rd yr
 advisor: Robert Sah, Bioengineering
Andre Niemeyer  Technology and Electoral Representation
 Andre Niemeyer
 Political Science, 4th yr
 advisor: Scot Desposato, Political Science

Christine Pai  Nanoparticles for Tumor Immunotherapy
 Christine Pai
 Microbiology, 4th yr
 advisor: Davorka Messmer, Moores Cancer Center, UCSD

Maria Pestovnikova  Developing a UCSD/Moscow State University Website
 Maria Pestovnikova
 Psychology, 3rd yr
 advisor: Michael Cole, Communication
Andrew Prudhome  Mipmapped High Resolution Video for 3-D Environments
 Andrew Prudhome
 CSE, 4th yr
 advisor: Jurgen Schulze, Calit2 UCSD Visualization Group

Sara Richardson  Visualization of CAMERA Marine Microbial Metadata
 Sara Richardson
 Bioengineering, 2nd yr
 advisor: Jurgen Schulze, Calit2 UCSD Visualization Group

 Christopher Schlyer  Market Viability of Creative Digital Media Start-Ups
 Christopher Schlyer
 Economics and Music, 4th yr
 advisor: Peter Otto, Music
Patrick Shih  Identifying Secretion Proteins of Meloidogyne Incognita
 Patrick Shih
 Microbiology and Political Science, 4th yr
 advisor: Steve Briggs, Cell and Developmental Biology

Meena Siddiqui  Robotic Mechanical Testing System
 Meena Siddiqui
 Bioengineering, 3rd yr
 advisor: Graeme Bydder, Radiology

Thomas Stahlbuhk  Fast Implementation of the Support Kernel Machine
 Thomas Stahlbuhk
 ECE, 4th yr
 advisor: Gert Lanckriet, ECE
Jing Wu  Framework for Pseudo-Emotional Intrusion Detection Systems
 Jing Wu
 Bioengineering, 1st yr
 advisor: Tony Yang, Psychiatry

 Ji-Won Youm  Genomic Analyses of Transport Proteins in Mycobacterium tuberculosis and Mycobacterium leprae
 Ji-Won Youm
 Biology, 4th yr
 advisor: Milton Saier, Biology

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