Viz Lab Displays at Siggraph

By Anna Lynn Spitzer


Irvine, August 12, 2015— A Calit2 Visualization lab research group is displaying its flexible multi-projector display demonstration at this week’s Siggraph 2015 Emerging Technologies conference at the Los Angeles Convention Center. The “Multi-Projector Display System of Arbitrary Shape, Size and Resolution” created by computer science professor Aditi Majumder’s research group is one of only 25 demos chosen internationally for display at Siggraph, the world’s largest and most well-known computer science conference.

The multi-projector system can deliver and display content seamlessly onto a variety of surfaces, including planar screens, vertically extruded or horizontally stretched screens, and wavy surfaces. The project’s invitation to Siggraph’s E-tech section was quite a feat, according to Majumder. “This is a very competitive process since we compete with industry also,” she said. “This is a high point for us at the Visualization lab.”

Majumder adds that student enthusiasm is also at an all-time high: “We will be a team of seven going to Siggraph to man this booth,” she says. “It’s the largest attendance we have ever had from UCI.”