UCSD's Calit2 Building Gets

Ramesh Rao
Ramesh Rao's comments on the topping-off ceremony.

11.26.2003 -- The construction industry celebrates placement of the last girder of a building with what's known as a "topping off" ceremony. Gilbane, the contractor constructing UCSD's Calit² building, invited Calit² staff to such a ceremony and lunch-time cookout to celebrate this milestone in the construction process on November 17. UCSD Division Director Ramesh Rao and Gilbane Project Manager Donald C. Baer, Jr., provided comments, reinforcing two key points: the unique nature of the Calit² building and facilities and how they will be used to support new ways of conducting research. Some 100 people, both Calit² staff and construction workers, attended the ceremony and had the chance to sign their names to the last girder before it was put in place.