UCI Student Attends Respected Technology Conference

By Anna Lynn Spitzer

Nov. 3, 2006 – A doctoral candidate affiliated with Calit2 was one of only 12 students from around the world chosen to attend a prestigious technology conference in South Korea . Man Lok (Simon) Yau, a graduate student in the Bren School of Computer Sciences, was accepted to the 2006 Young Investigators Forum in Culture Technology, Oct. 30-Nov. 1. The conference was held at the Graduate School of Culture Technology, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, in Daejeon.

Simon Yau
Yau is participating in the EcoRaft
project with Prof. Bill Tomlinson.

Yau, who works with Calit2 academic affiliate Bill Tomlinson on the EcoRaft project, heard about the conference from KyungSik Kim, a Korean professor who had been a Calit2 visiting researcher. After deciding that the conference matched his research interests, Yau submitted an application and a 2,500-word paper on the use of multiple devices to help users perform tasks.

The Young Investigators Forum was small-scale, free-form and highly interactive in order to encourage open-ended conversation. Participants discussed the future of culture technology – a broad field of research covering digital media and related technologies, interaction, design and theory that is helping to shape modern environments and culture.

The other 11 participants included graduate students from the U.S., France,  China, Australia and Korea.

Yau’s research interests include autonomous agents, artificial intelligence and human-computer interaction. He said the interactive nature of the workshop presented a valuable opportunity for him to introduce his research and get feedback from other students and professors. “It also helped me gain inspiration by discussing my work with other participants,” Yau said, and “will help shape the future direction of research here at UCI.”