Advisory Board

Divisional councils, comprised of a cross-section of affiliated faculty, help the UCSD and UCI divisions govern Calit2 in a manner that reflects the institute’s intellectual and research goals. These councils provide advice to Calit2’s division directors at UCSD and UCI on a wide variety of topics, including programmatic direction and operation of the facilities on both campuses.

UCSD Division Council

Ramesh Rao, Calit2, Electrical and Computer Engineering (Chair)

Barbara Sawrey, Chemistry & Biochemistry (Co-Chair)

Dimitri Basov, Physics

Benjamin Bratton, Visual Arts

James Buckwalter, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Tom DeFanti, Calit2

Shaya Fainman, Electrical and Computer Engineering

James Fowler, Political Science and Medicine

Ross Frank, Ethnic Studies

Terry Gaasterland, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Rajesh Gupta, Computer Science and Engineering

Bill Hodgkiss, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Jim Hollan, Cognitive Science

Jules Jaffe, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Tara Javidi, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Yuhwa Lo, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Elizabeth Losh, Sixth College

Yuki Marsden, Calit2

Pavel Pevzner, Computer Science and Engineering

Phil Papadopoulos, San Diego Supercomputer Center

Jerry Sheehan, Calit2

Rand Steiger, Music

William Trogler, Chemistry & Biochemistry

Amin Vahdat, Computer Science and Engineering

Frank Vernon, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

UCI Division Council

G.P. Li, Calit2, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Chair)

Carter Butts, Sociology

Philip Collins, Physics and Astronomy

John Crawford, Dance and Media Arts

Martha Feldman, Planning, Policy & Design

David Theo Goldberg, Comparative Literature and UCHRI

Vijay Gurbaxani, Information Systems & Computer Science

Doug Haynes, History

Ramesh Jain, Computer Science

Jay Jayakrishnan, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Cristina Lopes, Informatics

Aditi Majumder, Computer Science

Goran Matijasevic, Chief Executive Roundtable

Richard Matthew, Planning, Policy & Design

Sharad Mehrotra, Computer Science

Kristen Monroe, Political Science and Philosophy

Shaul Mukamel, Chemistry

Reginald Penner, Chemistry

Amelia Regan, Computer Science

David Reinkensmeyer, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

Soroosh Sorooshian, Civil and Environmental Engineering

William Tang, Biomedical Engineering

William Tomlinson, Informatics

Bruce Tromberg, Biomedical Engineering