Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa Highlights San Diego Synergies

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Zach Hall
Zach Hall, President of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, participates in a roundtable discussion on the future of stem cell research.
San Diego, CA, November 1, 2006  -- Calit2 at UCSD and The Science Network are making available for on-demand viewing the proceedings of an invitation-only conference dubbed the "Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa." The sessions featured presentations and panel discussions among top researchers from UCSD, Salk Institute for Biological Studies, Burnham Institute for Medical Research, The Scripps Research Institute, and several San Diego biotech companies. Also participating were leaders from the private sector, including John Moores and Malin Burnham, as well as State Senator Christine Kehoe and the two top officials of California's voter-mandated California Institute for Regenerative Medicine.

All of the talks and panels are now streaming from Calit2's Multimedia archive. To watch the individual videos, click on the image or video link [Real player and broadband connection required]. Click on speaker names for bios.

Larry Goldstein Welcome
Lawrence Goldstein
Director, UC San Diego Stem Cell Program
Professor, Cellular & Molecular Medicine, UCSD
Length: 1:30 [video]
Panel One Basic Science
Chair: Lawrence Goldstein, UCSD School of Medicine
Leanne Jones
The Role of the Stem Cell Microenvironment in Regulating Stem Cell Behavior
Leanne Jones 
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Length: 15:48 [video]
Alexey Terskikh
Efficient Differentiation of hESC into Uniform Neuroectoderm
Alexey Terskikh
Burnham Institute for Medical Research
Length: 16:13 [video]
Anne Foley
Embryology-Based Strategies for Cardiac Differentiation of ES Cells
Ann Foley
Burnham Institute for Medical Research
Length: 12:36 [video]
Scott Stewart
Deconstructing Vertebrate Regeneration
Scott Stewart
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Length: 13:59 [video]
Catriona Jamieson
Cancer Stem Cell Research: From Bench to Bedside and Back
Catriona Jamieson
Moores UCSD Cancer Center
Length: 15:03 [video]
Panel Two Technologies
Chair: Evan Snyder, Burnham Institute
Karl Willert
UCSD Human Stem Cell Core Facility
Karl Willert
UCSD Stem Cell Resource
Length: 17:06 [video]
Wen Xiong
Chemical and Functional Genomic Approaches Toward Regeneration
Wen Xiong
The Scripps Research Institute
Length: 12:43 [video]
Alysson Muotri
Development of Functional Human Embryonic Stem Cell-Derived Neurons in Mouse Brain
Alysson Renato Muotri
Salk Institute for Biological Studies
Length: 12:17 [video]
Mark Ellisman
Beyond Networks: Integrative Collaborative Cyberinfrastructure
Mark Ellisman
UCSD School of Medicine
Length: 18:38 [video]
Mahendra Rao
Morphology of Undifferentiated hESCs in Culture
Mahendra Rao
Invitrogen (formerly, National Institute of Aging Laboratory of Neurosciences)
Length: 15:22 [video]
Jeff Price
Embryoid Body Cell Migration/Interaction Models: Toward Automatic Cell-by-Cell Tracking
Jeffrey Price
Burnham Institute for Medical Research
Length: 10:59 [video]
Round Table
Round Table Discussion
(l-r) Roger Bingham, Salk Institute (Moderator); State Senator Christine Kehoe; Zach Hall and Robert Klein of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine; John Moores, JMI; Malin Burnham, Burnham Companies.
Length: 52:00 [video]
Panel Three Clinical and Ethical Perspectives
Chair: Michael Kalichman, UCSD Research Ethics Program
David Smotrich IVF in Intended Parents and Egg Donors: What Does This Mean?
David Smotrich
La Jolla IVF
Length: 14:16 [video]
Barbara Bigby

Clinical and Ethical Perspectives II
Barbara Bigby , Scripps Office for the Protection of Research Subjects
Length: 13:22 [video]

Mary Devereaux Clinical and Ethical Perspectives III
Mary Devereaux, UCSD Research Ethics Program (then Q&A with David Smotrich, Barbara Bigby) 
Length: 39:15 [video]
Panel Four Panel Discussion: The Business of Stem Cells and Startups 
Joydeep Goswami , Invitrogen (Moderator); Alan Lewis, CEO, Novocell, Inc.;Joseph Panetta, CEO, BIOCOM;Mark Saad, CFO, Cytori Therapeutics; Zuzana Hostomska, VP, Discovery Biology, Pfizer Global R&D.
Length: 1:17:22 [video ]

In March 2006, UCSD, Salk, Burnham and TSRI announced their commitment to join forces in establishing an independent, non-profit consortium dedicated to stem cell research. 

San Diego Consortium announced in March.

Their joint San Diego Consortium for Regenerative Medicine is establishing a jointly operated facility dedicated to stem cell research, while pursuing funding to support collaborative projects. The Consortium followed the passage in 2004 of Proposition 71. The initiative set aside $3 billion for the formation of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM) to support stem cell research in California.

Major research centers throughout the state are gearing up to participate in this endeavor, pending the resolution of lawsuits challenging the initiative.

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