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UCSD Center for Drone Policy and Ethics

December 6, 2012
Public Meeting, UCSD Center for Drone Policy and Ethics Thursday
This meeting to feature a conversation about drone policy and ethics, led by Visual Arts professor Ricardo Dominguez, is part of the Drones at Home art series.
Speaker: Ricardo Dominguez, artist and associate professor
[video]Length: 54:00

Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, University of Victoria

November 29, 2012
Exits to the Post Human Future and After the Drones
This lecture by theorists Arthur and Marilouise Kroker and reception marked the closing of Phase 3 of Drones at Home, a three-part exhibition in the gallery@calit2. The event will include a short video, After the Drones, with texts by the Krokers as well as video and sound by Jackson 2 Bears.
Speaker: Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, Theorists and scholars, University of Victoria (Canada)

Larry Smarr

October 9, 2012
The Human Laboratory: One Researchers Quest to Personalize Medicine

Speaker: Larry Smarr, Director, Calit2, with Mark Bowden, The Atlantic
[video]Length: 50:13

Maryanne Martone

June 26, 2012
NIF - The Neuroscience Information Framework
The Neuroscience Information Framework is a dynamic inventory of Web-based neuroscience resources
Speaker: Maryanne Martone, Principal Investigator
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[video]Length: 00:06:01

Naresh Soni

May 17, 2012
InterDigital Innovation Challenge
Announcement of the launch of the InterDigital Innovation Challenge
Speaker: Naresh Soni, InterDigital Chief Technology Officer
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[video]Length: 00:05:14

Maurizio Seracini and Calit2 Team

May 16, 2012
CISA 3 Data Supports Theory on Location of Lost Leonardo da Vinci Painting
Evidence uncovered during research conducted in Florence's Palazzo Vecchio late last year appears to support the theory that a lost Leonardo da Vinci painting existed on the east wall of the Hall of the 500
Speaker: Maurizio Seracini, CISA3 researcher and National Geographic Fellow
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May 15, 2012
Gallery @ Calit2 - Discotrope: The Secret Nightlife Of Solar Cells
Like a regular disco ball, the Discotrope is covered in mirrored facets that, when rotated, reflect light onto the walls and ceiling of a darkened room. Upon closer inspection, however, the Discotrope looks a little unusual: Along its equator, the mirrors have a different hue. Thatís because some of the faces of the Discotrope arenít mirrors at all - theyíre solar cells.
Speaker: Amy Alexander, Associate Professor of Visual Arts
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Dr. Shu Chien

April 13, 2012
Richard Skalak Memorial Lecture 2012 - UC San Diego
The UC San Diego Department of Bioengineering and the Institute of Engineering in Medicine present the Richard Skalak Memorial Lecture "Mechanotransduction in Endothelial Cells: Feedback Control of Intracellular Mechanics"
Speaker: Dr. Shu Chien, Professor, Department of Bioengineering Director, Institute of Engineering in Medicine UC San Diego

Drones at Home

April 12, 2012
Gallery @ Calit2 - DRONES AT HOME
Drones at Home explores the strange allure of drones and the push for their domestication -- by governments, corporations, and everyday citizens.

NGS: Engineers for Exploration

April 6, 2012
NGS: Engineers for Exploration - Current Projects
The Engineers for Exploration project is a collaboration between the National Geographic and the Calit2 research center at UCSD.

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