Date: Apr. 6, 2019
How to Set Up Genomics Workflows on the AWS Cloud
In this session, we will introduce you to AWS and then show you how to set up genomics workflows on AWS. We will also show to users how to optimize Amazon EC2 Spot Instances use and save up to 90% off of traditional On-Demand prices.



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Faye Briggs

Date: December 09, 2004
Technological Challenges to Computer Architecture Innovation
Location: McDonnell Douglas Auditorium, UC Irvine


Date: December 08, 2004
Optimal Resource Allocation in Stochastic Wireless Networks
Location: EBU-1 4307, UCSD

Freider Seible

Date: December 08, 2004
10,000 Bridges: Tibet at the Crossroads of Culture and Development
Location: Fung Auditorium, Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall, UCSD

Robot Contest

Date: December 08, 2004
Robot Design Contest
Location: Main Gymnasium, UCSD
*Live Webcast

Chaitanya Baru

Date: December 08, 2004
Chaitan on the Synthesis Center
Location: SDSC Auditorium, UCSD


Date: December 07, 2004
Lunch 'n Learn Seminar: Securing Your Workstation, Servers and Network
Location: Social Science Plaza B, Rooms 1208/1222, UC Irvine


Date: December 01, 2004 to December 01, 2004
Call for Papers for Third Workshop on Grids and Advanced Networks

Arts, Computation, Engineering (ACE)

Date: November 30, 2004
The Hybrid Media Lecture Series Presents
Location: 135 Humanities Instructional Building, UC Irvine


Date: November 29, 2004
The Road to High HDD Reliability: Trends, Methods, Technology, and Limitations
Location: Auditorium - Center for Magnetic Recording Research, UCSD

MRS Fall Meeting 2004

Date: November 29, 2004 to December 03, 2004
2004 MRS Fall Meeting
Location: Hynes Convention Center & Sheraton Boston Hotel, Boston, MA