Date: Apr. 6, 2019
How to Set Up Genomics Workflows on the AWS Cloud
In this session, we will introduce you to AWS and then show you how to set up genomics workflows on AWS. We will also show to users how to optimize Amazon EC2 Spot Instances use and save up to 90% off of traditional On-Demand prices.



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Date: December 20, 2006
From Synthetic to Natural Nano-Capsules for Therapeutic Molecules Delivery
Location: Calit Building, Room 3008, UC Irvine

Shake test on 7-story structure at Englekirk Center

Date: December 16, 2006
NEES/UCSD Seminar on Analytical Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Walls for Earthquake Resistance
Location: Calit2 Auditorium, Atkinson Hall and Englekirk Center, UCSD
*Live Webcast

F. Levent Degertekin, Georgia Tech

Date: December 15, 2006
A New Atomic Force Microscope Probe Structure for Fast and Quantitative Imaging
Location: EBU-1 Room 4307, UCSD

CineGrid Logo

Date: December 15, 2006 to December 15, 2006
CineGrid International Workshop
Location: Calit2 Auditorium, Atkinson Hall, UCSD
*Live Webcast


Date: December 11, 2006
Cell-Based Systems for Drug Delivery
Location: Calit Building, Room 3008, UC Irvine

Krithi Ramamritham, IIT Bombay

Date: December 11, 2006
Taming the Dynamics of Distributed Data
Location: Room 1202, CSE Building, UCSD

J.K. (Jake) Aggarwal, Univ of Texas at Austin

Date: December 11, 2006
Bionic Human-Machine Interaction
Location: Room 102, SERF Building, UCSD

Vahid Tarokh

Date: December 08, 2006
Collaboration, Competition and Cognitive Radio Transmission in Wireless Networks
Location: Calit Building, Room 3008, UC Irvine

Gizmo truck

Date: December 08, 2006
ECE 191 Undergraduate Design Project Review
Location: Center Hall 222, UCSD

TechTIPS Dialogue

Date: December 07, 2006
Copyright, Trademark and Open-source Issues: Finding a Happy (Digital) Medium
Location: CSE Auditorium, UCSD