October 5, 2020
Online Art Series on Gold, Political Resistance Streaming to the Qualcomm Institute's gallery@calit2

This fall, join the Qualcomm Institute's gallery@calit2 for a special, online-only exhibition from New York-based visual artist Jen Liu. "Gold Loop (Triad)" is a reflection on e-waste, political resistance and disappearances.[more]


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"WTOP Radio"
Disguising Drugs

Radio host Randy Atkins features UC San Diego engineer, Liangfang Zhang, to present new way of delivering cancer-fighting medicine.

"The Atlantic"
Archaeology’s Information Revolution

Thomas Levy featured for experimenting with 3-D visualizations made from data collected at excavation sites. Levy believes the result of this digital data transition is that people can have the experience of walking through structures that no longer exist.

Podcast 63: Oscar Nominee 'The Look of Silence'

In a show at the Qualcomm Institute hosted by the gallery@calit2, filmmaker Joshua Oppenheimer talks with KPBS Cinema Junkie columnist Beth Accomando about his subjective documentary, The Look of Silence.

"San Diego Union-Tribune"
UCSD Improves Pedestrian Spotter for Cars

Gary Robbins reports on experimental software developed in the lab of ECE professor Nuno Vasconcelos to make it faster and easier for self-driving cars to detect pedestrians.

21st Century Archaeology Is Something Out Of Sci-Fi

Levy featured as expert in cyber-archaeology for his work with UC Berkeley, UC Merced, and UCLA to combine 3D data from drones and satellites from locations across the Mediterranean and Near East, covering nearly 10 millennia of human cultural existence.

"AM 760 KFMB"
Podcast Interview with Ramesh Rao

The radio station interviewed Qualcomm Institute director Ramesh Rao about the institute's multidisciplinary research agenda. Podcast link.

"KPBS Radio News"
UC San Diego Professor’s Theater Piece Broadcast In Iran

Arts writer Angela Carone features a work, The Scarlet Stone, by UC San Diego theater and dance professor Shahrokh Yadegari, a composer and director of the Qualcomm Institute Initiative for Digital Exploration of Arts and Sciences (IDEAS). Web article includes KPBS audio podcast.

"San Diego Union-Tribune"
A Lab Guru's Short Course in Good Design

Columnist Neil Senturia profiles The Design Lab director Don Norman and his guidance on good design, whether it's a produce, a service, or a corporate startup.

"Irish Times"
Microsoft goes underwater for a data centre solution

Larry Smarr comments on environmental impact of Microsoft's underwater server containers code-named Project Natick.

"New York Times"
Microsoft Plumbs Ocean Depths to Test Underwater Data Center

NYTimes corrrespondent John Markoff quotes Calit2 director Larry Smarr saying that, “For years, the main cloud providers have been seeking sites around the world not only for green energy but which also take advantage of the environment."

"Global University Venturing"
Apple is passionate about Emotient

Three co-founders Javier Movellan, Marian Stewart Bartlett and Gwen Littlewort of Emotient facial expression recognition technology will move to Apple from Machine Perception Laboratory of Qualcomm Institute.

"Campus Technology"
UCSD Looks Ahead to Robotics Research

Javier Movellan and his team will leave behind the Qualcomm Institute-based Machine Perception Laboratory and state-of-the-art robot named Diego-san after acquisition by Apple this past January 2016.

Car Hacking: A Software In a Song To Control Modern Vehicles

Stefan Savage featured on Inquisitr article to explain the main problem that enables car hacking software.

"WPBS-DT (Watertown, N.Y. and Gananoque, Ontario)"

In this NOVA special, first aired in 2010, QI affiliate Thomas E. Levy discusses his archaeological excavations at Khirbet en Nahas, Jordan—an ancient copper mining site that sheds new light on King Solomon's legendary wealth and on the political currents of the ancient world.

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